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How does the technique work and what are its benefits?

EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Balancing Techniqueis an evolutionary energy practice, designed to enhance the Electromagnetic Field surrounding each one of us (see image to the left).

The field surrounding each individual is organized into a system composed of fibers of light and energy. It carries all energetic information about you and serves as a connection and communication means with other beings and the unlimited source of Universal energy, transmitting the energy you generate by your thoughts, words, emotions and actions.

Ask yourself How You Are Currently Using Your Energy:

  • Are you using your energy to constantly generate worry, anger, or frustration?
  • Are you using your energy to generate peace, joy and creative solutions to every day challenges?
  • Are you ready to consciously organize and focus your energy and strengthen your ability to make wise choices in your life?
EMF Balancing sessions accelerate the integration of Spirit and biology in order to increase personal empowerment, intuitive abilities and health. A strengthened and calibrated electromagnetic system deepens your connection to higher multidimensional realms and improves your innate ability to co-create your reality.

Some of the benefits of EMF Balancing sessions include:

  • Releasing stresses, anxiety, blockages and restrictions;
  • Enhancing intuitive abilities;
  • Balancing wisdom and emotions;
  • Strengthening electromagnetic system and preparing it to hold greater energetic charges.
  • Creating new energy patterns for supporting your evolution;
  • Empowering you to better manage and consciously focus your energy in everyday life.
There are 13 Phases to EMF Balancing Technique, focusing on different aspects of our energy anatomy. While the basic pattern of our energy system is universal, everyone's calibration is determined by the individual frequency of their own vibrations, making each EMF Balancing Technique experience unique in sensation and impact. The sessions can be experienced as «hands on» or distance.

To experience an EMF Balancing Session (phase XIII) please watch the webinar

«EMF Balancing Technique» PHASE XIII -
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To learn the basics of managing individual’s personal energy and to experience phases I–IV I invite you to online classes

«Awakening Spiritual Intelligence»

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