An Akashic Records Session is a spiritual, yet very practical tool designed to help you with everyday life situations. It is highly beneficial for getting clarity about and solving personal, family, business or any other types of issues you might face.
  • I am able to access your Records and show you  how to end an undesirable life situation by revealing its root cause, so that you can choose what brings you joy, peace and fulfillment.
  • If you want positive changes but fear taking action, I will help you understand what holds you back.
  • Your future is determined by your everyday choices. But you can choose better options only after accepting responsibility for all choices you made, past and present. 

What are the Akashic Records? ​

The Akashic Records are an energetic "database"  that contains vibrational records of every soul and its journey going back to the moment of  its origination from Divine Source.
"Akasha" is a Sanskrit word which means "primary substance" from which all things are formed. The Records are a source of infinite power and wisdom and are available everywhere at any time.

Types of Akashic Records Sessions available:

  • Vibrational Retuning the most comprehensive session; reveals your Divine Gifts (full potential at Soul level) and removes blocks preventing you from expressing them in everyday life; 
  • Retuning to Financial Abundance- together we will walk 5 steps towards your financial abundance: 1) choose a meaningful job: 2) use your dominant vibrational qualities effectively; 3) find out possible about blocks; 4) have them removed; 5) create new patterns;
  • Relationships (romantic, parent/child, business partners, close friends etc...) - past life history, current dynamics, compatibility, blocks and solutions present;
  • Vibrational Maintenance- I will check on possible misalignment and imbalances in your energetic system and show you how to correct them.  
  • Soul Purpose get answers to a burning question: Why Am I Here? 
  • Life Situation- Life situation is a number of issues you might currently experience in your life, where you feel blocked, challenged, unexpressed;
  • Ask Any Question- Really, just ask about anything. This session takes about 15 min; 
  • Real Property Clearing- yes, there might be entities attached to a property. Most of the times they do not mean any harm, still need to be removed as they interfere with your energies.

What to Expect From Your Session:

In order to access your Akashic Record I will ask you for some information. I prepare for a session in advance as it takes time to channel energy vibrations and "translate" them into words before presenting to you. It is always your Higher Self who determines what information is revealed.

Then we will connect by zoom video conference, during which I will present and explain channeled information and answer your questions. If an energetic clearing is needed, I will perform it after we talk.

Depending on the type of session you choose, it might last from 15-20 min to 120 min, and the investment between $75 and $395. To schedule a session please click the button below. Pay by Using PayPal or a credit card.