Different Levels of the Akashic Space.

2020: Challenges and Opportunities.
December 9, 2020
Recently new information about the Akashic Records started coming to me while I worked with clients as a Records reader and a regressionist. In this article I'd like to share with you what I learnt about two levels of the Akashic space, hope you'll find it interesting.

One of the levels that can be compared to a book, a file, a crystal. Each soul has its own personal file, in which everything that happened to it is energetically recorded. And this is would be the level that we normally tune into when “read” our own Record or those of others.

Also there is a more sophisticated level. It can be compared to an ancient tapestry that hangs on the wall of a palace. The wall has no end, and the tapestry consists of billions of threads of different colors, shades, thickness and quality. While we are in a physical body, we cannot fully comprehend exactly how this level works. We can only grasp a general understanding and get as close to this level as it is possible for us. The most important thing is to see how everything is intertwined at this level, the relationship between the paths of different souls. And that explains a lot.

Sometimes I hear from people: “I don't want to return to Earth anymore; I want this to be my last incarnation". It feels like it is not up to us (in human body) to decide whether it is the last one or not. In the process of many incarnations, we create many connections with other souls, karmic ties, contracts, etc. … and many of them can work as blockages. All these problems/blocks need to be resolved, which is why souls can choose to incarnate together again to work through what has not been resoled yet.

And now imagine what could happen if you suddenly decide to leave the Earth plane and "move" to a different start system in the middle of a cycle of incarnations. What will become of those unresolved ties? Do you realize how negatively this can affect not only you, but also all the other threads woven into the tapestry; even those which you are not connected to directly? Therefore, the multidimensionality of the tapestry will keep you where you need to be in order to continue your path both for your own growth and for working out unnecessary connections with others.

Take it as a gift and keep growing and developing. Those who managed to "see" even a small part of the tapestry through regression hypnosis sessions talk about how magnificent and amazing it is, its beauty that cannot be fully described in human words. How wonderful it is to be a unique part of this Creator's masterpiece!