2020: Challenges and Opportunities.

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April 27, 2019
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March 30, 2021
Just a couple of days left before the start of December - the last month of this very unusual year, perhaps the most unique year of everyone’s life.

We can talk about the events of this year in many different ways, still I would like to remind you that any challenge, any seemingly negative event always brings along many opportunities to resolve negativity and turn any challenge into a new step in your growth. Think about how you coped with the challenges of 2020, were you desperate, worried, upset, frightened, angry at yourself and the whole world around? Or did you navigate through the circumstances with a smile on your face, accepting, observing, overcoming your own difficulties and helping others with theirs?

No matter what you might think about 2020, it gave us plenty of opportunities to step up to the next level of Mastery and get more aligned to the Wisdom of the Universe. Below are some of the Universal rules which I’d like to remind you about:

• Live from your heart. Energetically your heart is 60 times more powerful than your brain. Limit your communication with social media and TV and listen to your heart. There is no hatred or judgment in your heart, only acceptance, understanding, desire to find peaceful solutions to different problems. You are no better or worse than others. We are all ONE on physical level, your heart knows it.
• Take responsibility for your life and your actions. Don’t expect others (governments, politicians etc…) to fix your life for you. Be reasonable and take appropriate actions. Sometimes it is very helpful to give up the need to know why things happen as they do; avoid expectations and trust the process of life.
• Avoid negative emotions as much as you can, fear, stress being some of them. To cope with stress, our body produces special chemicals and releases them into the blood. If it happens for a short time, it is ok, but if you remain frightened and stressed for a longer time, your body will need additional energy to produce chemicals. Where will it get additional energy from? It will turn off less important functions, for example your immune system. That is why the body under stress is much more open to viruses, etc…
• Devote some time every day to look at the eternal sky, stars, nature, trees… meditate, participate in spiritual and mind-body practices. So many people who contacted me for consultations this year when asked “what brought you to this session?” would reply: “My job hours are cut down; I have more free time now and I want to use it for my spiritual growth”. Are you on the same wave? If not, what holds you back?
• There is lots of valuable information available online. For example, in April I conducted a free online Balancing Session. The recording is still available, please click here to listen. Also feel free to share it with others and remember you can listen to this session as many times as needed when you want to get back to the state of balance, harmony and peace.