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What is Regression Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness (trance), which allows a high degree of focused attention. Trance can be spontaneous or you can be led by a specialist. When we are in our normal awake state, our brain is filled with many different thoughts; during hypnosis, a person is able to focus very deeply just on one thought or sensation.

The name «regressive hypnosis» implies that you are traveling back in time. In fact, there are much more possibilities: hypnosis can be not only «regressive», but also «progressive», «transgressive», etc.

Regression hypnosis sessions complement in the most natural way the work with the Akashic Records. While the main goal of an Akashic Records session is to receive information, a regression hypnosis session is more focused on gaining experience (of course, you will also receive information). Going into regression, in most cases, you will find yourself in your personal Akashic Records, which are located in the multidimensional layers of your DNA.

During a regression hypnosis session, it is possible to:

  • solve negative issues and patterns from current and past lives;
  • communicate with Spirit Guides, Higher Self, Super Consciousness, with souls of deceased loved ones (including animals);
  • look into the future or past of planet Earth and visit other worlds;
  • remember your experience between incarnations, etc...
As always when dealing with any multidimensional space, your intent is important. We receive answers not out of curiosity, but because they are essential to our spiritual growth.

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