How To Raise Your Personal Vibrations?

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August 10, 2018
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April 27, 2019
There is tons of information regarding different ways of raising vibrations: meditation, energy work, clearing blocks and restrictions etc… All these are true, however, I would like to remind you about another way which is often overlooked and with which I would advise to start.

Remember to surround yourself with blissful people as much as it is possible in your life. Often people surrounding us are going through some kind of internal or external fight which is typical for modern society. If you spend most of your time with them, you have to put many efforts into harmonizing their negative energies. This does not allow you to focus on your own energetic vibrations.
​It is true that we exist in the world of negative emotions. Our system and our culture seem to cultivate them. Just think about news we are constantly bombarded with on tv, radio, internet. Why this happens is a big topic of its own, we will not discuss it in the article.

If you are focused on your own evolution and unfolding your unlimited potential, it makes sense to create for yourself an environment that will support your evolutionary process in the best way possible. Surrounding yourself with people whose consciousness vibrates on the same level as yours or higher is a big part of this environment.
As always, to create something we need to take actions – travel to spiritual places, attend metaphysical meetings, spiritual workshops and seminars, learn different energy modalities, participate in group events: meditation, drumming, chanting etc… this will greatly increase your chances of meeting people of your tribe.

Physics tells us that when two or more people come into the state of resonance the level of their energy goes up. Our joint resonance promotes energies of inspiration, co-creation, multiplies our desire to move forward. This creates an immediate vibrational upgrade.
Sometimes they can also be just ordinary people who do not necessarily talk about metaphysics and enlightenment. You probably met people who have very little knowledge about evolution and spirituality, still you feel love, peace and acceptance in their presence, while some “spiritual” folks constantly create energies of anxiety and judgement. Ask your heart, not your brain, who will be a better vibrational match for you.

So if your goal is to improve the quality of your vibrational state, the first thing you need to do is to look for and surround yourself with as many higher-vibrational people as you can.

The more such people you have in your life, the more support, resources and possibilities you can enjoy on your Evolutionary Path.

Irina Grundler