Jody M.

Morgantown, WV

I had the profound privilege of learning about my soul purpose from Irina. As an experienced energy healer, I am not easily impressed by practitioners. My session with Irina Grundler was jaw dropping, mind blowing spot on! Don't miss out on her session.

Charles W.

Canonsburg, PA

That was a wonderful session I had with Irina. During clearing and re-tuning I felt a lot of energy in the crown chakra that lasted for days and now am used to it as being the new normal. I also became clear in direction and what to do. Now as I interact and converse with others there is a feeling of assurance to speak and share from confidence knowing it is coming from six and seven (vibrational levels).I have a new way of talking internally now.

Tonya K.

Irwin, PA

Irina's light is so genuine and loving. The imagery she described of me surrounded by my crystal and light has me in a place of knowing my strength and letting go of fear and doubt. Having the Akashic Record Session allowed me to feel energy that I know is not of this present lifetime which gives me the prospective to acknowledge it and the knowing to let it go. I have a greater focus in my daily meditations to allow love and light. This transcends my work as I guide my clients to their best present.

Luc C.

Belguim, Europe

It is unbelievable how much more energy than before I have after receiving EMF Balancing sessions!

Lee Ann E.

Johnstown, PA

I have been doing energy work for well over a decade and have not experienced anything like this. The EMF energy is gentle yet profound, very pure, too. I have noticed a significant deepening of my Reiki energy after participating in EMF Balancing sessions!

Heide M.

Hillside, IL

Irina is incredible! Just hearing her set focus and intention for our session creates a sense of reverence. That, which, combined with her loving energy and compassionate spirit, is what makes her such an amazing Akashic Records reader... One of the things I always find fascinating about a session with Irina, whether it to be an EMF Energy Balancing or Akashic Records Reading, is having "aha" moments after a session as well as during.

Olesya D.

Waconia, MN

What an outstanding experience I had with Akashic Records reading and recently Soul Profile reading! I realized that my conflicts and problems are rooted deeply in my past lives... Irina was able to pinpoint when events occurred, the choices I made and how they affect my present life! It totally made sense! The best part is that with this knowledge, some work and Irina's help I can bring positive changes to my present and future. What an awesome feeling to live with! Also she was able to tell me about my Soul Origin.

Debra H.

Pittsburgh, PA

"I did an Akashic Record reading with Irina. I was skeptical before meeting with her but not after a few minutes into the session. The information she shared was precise and detailed & cleared up & explained many things for me. Finally much of my "Why is this happening?" & "Why am in this relationship?" & "Why all these conflicts with my child?" & "What is my purpose here?" questions were answered and made the happenings of my life make complete sense. A major negative emotion I've been carrying since my teens, which lost its usefulness years ago, was explained & that issue shifted and dissipated quickly as a result of the reading. I highly recommend Irina".

Callie G.

Pittsburgh, PA

This (work) is so helpful and I feel myself coming back to myself. Our Vibrational Re-Tuning consultation is helping me to feel grounded again, to feel more connected spiritually, and more connected with myself. I am starting to listen in again and trust in my choices. And, I feel myself being gentler and more connection with those around me. I feel like I can begin the dream again of all of life's possibilities… When Irina was doing the clearing and retuning I could feel darker energy gently pulled and released from my body, and I can feel the difference as (negative) portals are closed- I feel more alive! I could also see guides and my angels working on me.

​Nicholas F.

Pittsburgh, PA

I thought I would take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Irina, for guiding me through a journey of awakening! Irina's sensitivity, and her command of disciplines has improved my personal skills, my health and my out look on life in general! Balance is everything, I'm still work in progress, but the light I see is beautiful! Thank you for the work we accomplished this year!


Pittsburgh, PA

I would like to thank Irina for an extremely valuable Relationship Reading. While I love my husband and we’ve had a good marriage, I definitely appreciate him and his role in my life far more than I did prior to this reading. I understand why we’re together, why we’re different, and why those differences are important for me to achieve my purpose. I realize his history plays a role, not only in my success, but in the success of our children. I’m so very appreciative to Irina for helping open my eyes, and my heart, to this new level of understanding.

Jasa J.

Pittsburgh, PA

The experience of Vibrational Re-tuning was very profound. Not only did I have visions, felt sensations and had flashbacks, I actually felt physical releases in my heart and third eye. The colors, sensations and the sense of shift was so heightened, when I did finally get off the floor in my Temple, I just wandered around my house in a daze.

Tom R.

Pittsburgh, PA

My session with Irina was transformative in every imaginable way! Things are fantasic! I am in tune!

Candice L.

Anthem, AZ

Working with Irina helped me in so many ways, but the most compelling breakthrough that came out of our Business Session was that it got rid of all the self doubt that I had been having around my business activities. I now have a clear understanding of what my soul is aligned with and am using my energy on manifesting my visions as opposed to finding myself in a whirlwind of questions, doubts and procrastination. If you want to get to the next level in your business endeavors but find yourself stuck with too many questions and not enough answers, I would highly recommend you reaching out to Irina. A session with her can save you time and money down the road.