Energetic Analysis and Re-Tuning for a Business

What is an Energetic Analysis for a Business?

Everything around us is made of energy: people, objects, concepts, etc... The difference is just in the level of density. This means that same energetic rules can be applied to everything you encounter in your life, including a business you are running or thinking about running.
Any business has an energetic structure. In order for this structure to function property two main things should be in place:
  • There should be a certain level of alignment between the energetic statement of the business and dominant energy vibrations of its owner(s).
  • There should be a free flow of energy between the elements of the business structure without any blocks or limitations.(Think about energy flow within your own energetic body and chakra system).

The purpose of Energetic Analysis and Re-Tuning For Businesses is discovering and removing energetic blockages in business systems and aligning business owners with financial abundance.

With spiritual awareness rising in our society more and more entrepreneurs are evolved beyond traditional 4th dimensional way of thinking and functioning. This work is specifically designed for the new type of entrepreneurs and solopreneurs ​operating already exiting businesses or getting ready to start a new business. I offer several types of session:
General Analysis and Retuning Session For an Existing Business Includes:
  • Determining a level of alignment of energetic statement of an existing business to entrepreneur's authentic self-expression;
  • The most effective ways to run a business based on entrepreneur's natural gifts coming with his/hers Dominant Vibrations and Soul Group of Origination;
  • Revealing and removing possible blocks to creating financial abundance from entrepreneur's side;
  • Revealing possible misalignments and blocks between various business components and entrepreneur's financial intention;
  • Detailed energetic analysis of one business product or service.
General Analysis and Retuning Session For a Business Idea:
  • It is possible to energetically analyse a business which exists in the form of an idea in the mind of an entrepreneur. The session will be similar to the one above, but shorter, since some components just do not exist in case of a business idea.
Detailed Energetic Analysis and Rertuning Session(s):
  • During General Analysis of a business it might be determined that a number of areas of the business have energetic blockages. The goal of a Detailed Analysis Session is to reveal, analyze and remove blockages in all or any of the components of the business: Products/Services; Marketing; Sales; Clients and Business Tools.
To schedule a session please click the button below. Pay by using PayPal or a credit card:
General Energetic Analysis and Retunung Session for a Business (90 min) $295.
General Energetic Analysis for a Business Idea (60 min) $195.
The length/cost of a Detailed Business Analysis depends on the number of business components to analyze and work with.