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Connecting To Your Higher Self And Spirit Guides. Online Classes
May 5, 2019
Akashic Records For Body-Mind-Spirit Alignment, Workshop
July 18, 2018
The webinar is a 5 week series. Currently available in a recorded version. Estimated duration of each class is about 90 min.

​ This webinar is an introduction to EMF (electromagnetic field) Balancing Technique® . Classes include lectures with power point presentation, energy exercises, designated time for Q&A and group EMF Balancing Technique® sessions. Each participant of a group session will receive exactly what they need at the moment in accordance with their Inner Wisdom.

I recommend attending the "live" web classes, however if you can't be there, a recorded version will be provided.

At the Webinar you will:

  • Learn how to access Universal Energy Source through your personal energetic "transformer" - Universal Calibration Lattice (UCL);
  • Study the model of your UCL, learn how it amplifies your personal energy and accordingly affects your daily life and spiritual growth;
  • Receive an attunement to EMF Balancing vibrational frequencies;
  • Participate in unique energy exercises aimed at activating and strengthening your your UCL and enhancing your intuitive abilities;
  • Experience a "re-wiring" of your energy/electromagnetic field for unlocking your spiritual intelligence.
    Phases I - IV of EMF Balancing Technique create an energetic foundation empowering you to consciously "co-create the most enlightened life you can" in you current incarnation.

    These phases will help you with releasing bloackages that hold you back and also will strengthen and balance your Universal Calibration Lattice. During each session energetic templates, holding specific resonance unique only to you, are set within yor energetic body in order to support the alignments of the session.

    During the final 5th class you will learn how to give an introductory balancing session and will also receive additional energetic attunements which will enable you to effectively perform this session on yourself and others.

    Class 1.

    • Theory of Universal Calibration Lattice: Cosmic Lattice and your Personal Lattice. Human electromagnetic nature.
    • Phase I «Wisdom and Emotions» - releases stress and establishes new pattern of freedom and well-being. Experience an energetic balance between your head and your heart.

    Class 2.

    • Energy Activation Symbol.
    • Theory of Universal Calibration Lattice - continued.
    • Phase II «Self-direction and Self-support» - releases excess energy attached to past events, making it available in the NOW. Your history transforms into a gleaming source of Wisdom, Self-direction and Self-support.

    Class 3.

    • Energy exercise One Minute One Step Rush.
    • Theory of Universal Calibration Lattice - continued.
    • Phase III «Radiate Core Energy» - creates a healthy balance between what you give out into the world and receive from it. It encourages the increased flow of spiritual intelligence into your daily life.

    Class 4.

    • Exercise for Energetic Manifestation.
    • Theory of Universal Calibration Lattice - continued.
    • Phase IV «Energetic Accomplishment» - establishes clear communication with your Future Self through the Prizm of Personal Potential, channeling unlimited potential energy into co-creating of present reality.

    Class 5.

    • Spiral Sweep: a unique energy exercise for your whole body including your DNA. Creates additional energetic alignments which will enable you to effectively perform mini balancing sessions for yourself and others.
    • The EMF Balancing Technique® Mini Session. Lean to give this nurturing and loving session.

    Investment: $295.00

    Here's what a participant of one of the previous webinars has to say:

    "I found the format of the seminar to be very effective, with each session containing a mini energy exercise, a content presentation, and an EMF session. The energy exercises that we learned are very easy, can be done in a few minutes, and are effective! I also loved Irina's energy and her reassuring presence." - Daniela I.

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