Connecting To Your Higher Self And Spirit Guides. Online Classes

Akashic Records For Co-Creative Relationships. Online Classes
June 3, 2019
Awakening Spiritual Intelligence. Online Classes
March 8, 2019

Class 1 / Week 1:

  • 12 levels of consciousness;  
  • Understanding your Higher Self;
  • Conscious and subconscious connection to your Higher Self;
  • What questions to ask your Higher Self about;
  • A Guided meditation to connect to your Higher Self.

Class 2 / Week 2:

  • Who your Spirit Guides are;
  • Differentiating between your Spirit Guides and your Higher Self;
  • Categories of Spirit Guides;
  • Areas of expertise of your Multi-dimensional Helpers;
  • What your Spirit Guides can do and what they cannot do for you;
  • Receiving guidance from your Spirit Guides on daily basis.

Class 3 / Week 3:

  • Discussing homework
  • Letting go of Spirit Guides that no longer serve you;
  • What practical tool for receiving and processing multi-dimensional information you already have embedded in you and how it works;
  • A group energy session specifically designed for calibrating and strengthening of your personal energetic "transformer" and enhancing your connection with your multi-dimentional helpers.

Investment: $175.00

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