Just Be – Let The Energy Communicate

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June 10, 2018
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July 10, 2018
I love receiving messages like for example this one (quote): "Irina, did you just work with me? I felt myself in such a poweful energetic flow, I could not belive it... information started coming down and I made notes of it all. It was the most amazing channeling experience I ever had! "

Now let me tell you what happened a day before. We were talking on skype with Ana, the girl who sent me the message above, and she shared that she felt disconnedted from multidimensional plane, could not receive any information from there and looked for an advice regarding what she could do about this. It was not a planned session, we justed talked and together looked for ways to change the situation. And then the next day this message came...
The truth is that I did not do anything special, I was just present and my energetic body "talked" to her energetic body. It provided the information Ana needed at that moment and she simply received it. Communication between people always takes place on several levels: conscious and energetic. We use human language and words to talk, but energetic templates within our bodies "talk" their own language, and this type of communication is often more powerful than the words we say.
Often we think that in order to help somebody we need to do something. This is definitely true, you just can't go far without "doing" in a 3D world. Still sometimes it might be more effetive just to be! Be your True Self and spread your unique beautiful energies around. And those we are open to receiving your help, will definitely get it!