Energies Of Standing Out vs Fitting In.

Just Be – Let The Energy Communicate
July 10, 2018
Akashic Records and Future Potentails.
July 10, 2018
Since the new year just started you probably are still contemplating about what you would like to do or accomplish in 2017. I suggest that you should take a look at your list and ask the following question about each of the items stated on it: what energetic statement is behind this desire?
Let’s say you decided to rent a condo in Florida to spend your next winter there. Do you want to do it because most of your friends try to escape cold weather and you have to be just like all of them? Or maybe staying in warmer climate will help you with your health issues and accordingly you will be able to work better on your self-development and on expressing more of your true self?
The truth is that from the moment we are born we are taught than we should fit into the world around us. The energy of standing out is not encouraged. Our dominant reality is the one of conformity. We conform to certain beliefs, systems, lifestyles, etc. If you are different or do something differently your family, school, community will let you know right away… Conformity serves its purposes: it was needed for survival and later for controlling population. Those who stand out are very often trouble makers.
So when you come into this world everybody around you starts working hard on putting bandages of conformity on you in order to hide your individuality. Don’t blame them as they do it with the best intentions; from their own experience they know that it is easier to live in a society being just like everybody else. Probably by the time you are 20-25 years old energetically you look like an mummy. Your true identity does not have many chances to shine through all these layers.​​
Many continue living in bandages through their whole lives, but not you, since you are reading this article. At some point something happened in your life, an event or circumstances and you started hearing a tiny voice of your true self coming from within and you recognized it! This was the moment when the process of unwrapping of all those bandages was initiated. Keep paying attention to the voice, it will make the process easier and faster.

Sooner or later a feeling of variety and freedom enters your life and once you experience it there is no going back to the mummy state of conformity. When you allow yourself to be true YOU, to follow your path in life regardless of the opinion of others, to listen to your own inner voice and not to what the “system” tells you, you will get the most precious gift of FREEDOM. The Freedom of standing out, of being different, of being whatever you want to be and of shining your unique Divinity while being in a physical body!
Right now you are in the process of transitioning from a “mummy” state into a state of individuality. I am so happy for you! Please be confident that it is safe to shine your True Self and that you will find a lot of support in the new energies of 2017! ​​​

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Irina Grundler