Why Do We Need Vibrational Retuning?

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August 10, 2018
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August 10, 2018
Imagine you could play a beautiful melody on a violin. Every time before playing you would tune your instrument, right? If you don’t do it, very soon it will get out of tune and the melody won’t sound that beautiful any longer. If you don’t retune your violin for a long period at some point nobody will even recognize your melody. Does it make sense?

Like music tones our Souls are “made of” vibrations. Guess what happens when we make everyday choices that do not align with the frequencies of Soul's vibrations? Our vibrations become “out of tune”. If we continue making such choices for many lifetimes, most likely we will forget the beauty of the original melody of our Soul.
This is what happened to many of us, who are incarnated on our planet now. While our Souls remain beautiful and perfect, our current vibrations (at human level) are so far away from the original that we really don’t remember what our essence is. Very often we identify ourselves with not-so-attractive-out-of-tune “melodies”, and this is exactly how others hear and see us. Now wonder our lives are full of stresses and disappointments!

And yet your original vibrational frequencies are
within your reach! All you need to do in order for your
live to become fulfilling and abundant is to tune back
to them
Vibrational retuning is a spiritual work designed to remind us about who we are at Soul level and to
enable us to bring the essence of who we are back to our lives.

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Irina Grundler