How To Change A Situation Energetically?

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July 10, 2018
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July 10, 2018
Every day of our lives we encounter situations which we don’t like, still feel helpless to change them because almost always there is another person involved in it. You might put a lot of efforts trying persuade this person (spouse, parent, friend, business partner, child etc…) to change his behavior or at minimum understand that he is wrong (of course “wrong” is relative – it looks wrong from your perspective only) and still not to achieve any result.

Is it really that helpless or can we still do something about such situations?​
Let’s talk about this from energetic perspective and see how energetic information can help us find solutions to unwanted situations. Think about any situation which involves several people as an energetic container. Each participant puts his own energetic charges into this container; still all chargers together have to create balance in order for the container to exist.

If one of the participants puts too many energetic charges the other participants have to adjust their energetic input, otherwise the container will “explode”
Let’s apply this rule to an unwanted situation. It is true that you cannot make your partner change his behavior, just because you don’t like what he does at the present moment. But here’s what you can do: you can change the qualities of YOUR energies, which YOU put into the container. Your partner will sense the change subconsciously and will have to adjust his energies in order to keep the container in balance. Very simple, but it works!

I invite you to you think about any unwanted situation in your life which also involves another person. What energies do you produce and put into the energetic container of this situation. Do you invite the other party to match and accordingly balance energies of worry, dissatisfaction or energies of understanding and support? Think about your energies, about how to change them and just do it!

Amazing things happen when we take conscious control of energies we put into situations and/or relationships. Sometimes the Universe shows us support in a way that we do not even expect. Just give it a chance!​​​

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Irina Grundler

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