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July 10, 2018
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August 10, 2018
Some time ago I had to take a class in Real Estate education in order to renew my realtor’s license (Yes, if I am not in a multi-dimensional realm of the Akashic Records, you will probably find me in a 3D world of Pittsburgh real estate market :-) ). During the class an unusual question was brought up: If a Buyer wants to do inspect a property for a paranormal activity, can he do it? And how can he do it?​
If while reading this you are thinking about ghosts, poltergeists etc… you are thinking extreme situations, these are very rare phenomena and you are not likely to encounter them.

Let’s talk about common things that you might be experiencing every day without paying attention to, but which still profoundly affect you: negative energy on your property. When I use the word “negative” I do not mean “bad”, I mean interfering energy, which just does not agree with you and most likely drain you.
​Very often it is the people living in the property who create negativity by producing negative thought forms based on fear, anger, frustration, greed… If you put a lot of energy into these thought forms (simply by thinking a lot about a certain issues) and thus continuously feed them, they might take on a life of their own and last for decades. Negative thought forms stay on the property, but they need people to who feed them energy in order to exist.​​
It’s a little different with negative entities. These are confused souls who did not cross over appropriately (for quite a number of different reasons). They do not have an access to vital force energy of their own and need to attach to something in order to exist. Normally they attach to people, who allow this kind of attachment without knowing it, and through these people to a property they live on or own. Most of the time entities do not mean any harm; on the contrary they need help in leaving the Earth plane and reconnecting with their parent soul. But while they are here they do use and/or interfere with our energies, energies of our properties and this interference can be very draining and disturbing. ​

​​Unlike thought forms created by people currently living on a property entities might be “inherited” with the property from previous owners or tenants. Because of this it makes sense to check the energies of the property you are about to rent or buy.
I listed below several situations when I recommend checking a property for interfering energies:

You do not you feel comfortable, relaxed in your house/apartment ;
The relationships between people who live in the house/apartment cannot be described as peaceful;
You feel or “know” that something is present in the property;
You are about to put your house on the market for sale and want to make sure its energy will attract prospective buyers;
You just bought or rented a new house/apartment;
You are about to build a house (yes, check the land you plan to build a house on!). ​

Don’t panic if you find out that interfering energies do present. You can always use widely known remedies like burning white sage or spraying diluted sea salt to clear your property. Or you can contact me to get your property checked out and cleared.
Remember that according PA Real Estate Commission you have a right to inspect a property you rent/own or about to rent/own for paranormal activity! :-)

Irina Grundler

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