Akashic Records and Future Potentails.

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July 10, 2018
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July 10, 2018
I am sure that as a spiritual seeker you are well aware that in a multi-dimensional realm there is no time, no past, no future, everything exists in the NOW. Still our everyday life happens in a 3D linear world, so talking about future is appropriate here. It is important to understand though what future means from an Akashic perspective.

There are two components to the Akashic Records – one is constant, it is vibrations that define each Soul, they are unique to every Soul and never change. The other component is quite opposite; it is always in the process of change. It is “made of” endless possibilities that are out there for us to choose from. With every big or little choice we make, we open up new possibilities and “expire” some of the existing, it is an on-going process.
I would like to share an example with you. I got a call from a client who asked for a relationship reading, she wanted to get clarity regarding a possible relationship in her life from an Akashic Records perspective. Some time ago she was invited to a party, but did not really feel like going there. Before the party she had a session with an intuitive, and was told that she was supposed to meet her future husband at this party; the girl re-arranged her schedule and went... She did meet a guy, who she immediately felt attracted to (let’s call him Alex), she felt as if she knew Alex for years. Later she learnt that they both originated from the same Soul Group, which easily explained this feeling. Still there were some things about him, which did not quite match the picture presented by the intuitive. The client was confused and hoped to find out if Alex was really "her" guy.
From a multi-dimensional perspective a possibility of the girl creating a family with Alex was very real, still at the same time many other possibilities were real as well: she could go to the party and just pay no attention to him; or since they shared common vibrations of their Soul group of Origination, they could become great friends without any romantic feelings involved... The fact that the intuitive “saw” them as husband and wife was determined by the intention of the girl. She wanted to create a family and while looking for a life partner, she was constantly radiating energy with this intention. The future "picture" that showed up was the one resonating with it.

Still which of the many possibilities will become her future? If we put it in terms of quantum physics, for a possibility to manifest itself in a physical world it has to occupy a "super position”. How does it get there? Well, we put it there... by making choices. In the case above when two people are involved, choices should be made by both of them in order to make the relationship manifest in a certain way. So it all boils down to us, to making choices, taking responsibility and creating our future.
Going back to the initial question if it is possible to see future in the Akashic Records: the answer is yes, it is possible. But please keep in mind that it won’t be just one definite future option, it will be a number of different outcomes, each of them having equal potential to turn into a real situation of your life. In other words your future is always determined by your choices!

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Irina Grundler

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