About Irina

My conscious journey towards spiritual awakening started about 25 years ago. At first it was a desire to improve my own life which put me in touch with traditional spiritual and healing modalities: Reiki, Sahaja Yoga etc... Later my family and friends also began to take part in my energy and healing sessions.
A huge shift happened when I was attuned to new energy frequencies of Electromagnetic Field Balancing Technique®​ and Reconnective Healing. Without planning it in advance I found myself expanding my practice, giving lectures and presentations, at the same time I continued learning and fine-tuning my own vibrations which enabled to help more and more people.
Every new experience on my Path opens up new possibilities of working with energy and helps me finding my own way to contribute to the enlightenment of humanity. This is exactly what happened when I learnt to receive information from the dimension of the Akashic Records.
Currently I utilize the Akashic energy to facilitate Vibrational ReTuning process, practice and teach EMF (electromagnetic field) Balancing Technique®, continue giving lectures and presentations and teach classes and workshops.

I live in the eastern suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA with my husband Dave and my dog Glasha and successfully divide my time between family, spiritual practice, real estate business and playing in Pittsburgh Civic Orchestra.
I am a member of several metaphysical and holistic groups in Greater Pittsburgh area: Heart Of Pittsburgh, Bleep/IONS group and a co-organizer of East Suburban Spiritual Connection - a monthly meetup group.