Speaking Topics

Relationships From A Soul Perspective: Soul Families, Soul Mates, Twin Flames And Much More...

You will learn about:
  • What role relationships play in your personal growth;
  • How different Soul groups operate very differently in life;
  • Types of Soul Relationships;
  • What are the chances of you meeting your Twin Flame in physical realm;
  • How shared karma and past-life agreements affect your relationships today;
  • What makes a relationship successful from spiritual perspective.

Akashic Records And Discovering Your Soul Purpose.

  • The Akashic Records - an energetic "database", which contains information about every Soul and its journey going back to the moment of its origination from Divine Source;
  • Why the key to your Soul Purpose is stored within your Akashic Record;
  • Soul’s Vibrational Qualities and their role in determining Life purpose;
  • How separation between Divinity and its Physical Expression was created;
  • The difference between Soul Purpose, Life Purpose and Life Lessons;
  • Typical mistakes most Spiritual Seekers make when it comes to Manifesting their Soul Purpose;
  • How Re-Tuning to the Original Vibrations of your Soul can help you in Discovering and Manifesting your Soul Purpose.

Indigo Star Nation

  • Who the Indigos are;
  • Where they come from and why they are here now;
  • How to recognize an Indigo;
  • What you should know if you have an Indigo in your family;
  • How to help Indigos to adjust to our society;
  • What is the difference between Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow kids;
  • The content of the lecture includes Irina's personal experiences with her Indigo clients and Indigo son. 

Electromagnetic Mechanism Behind Your Intuition

We will take a "scientific" approach towards intuition and talk about how your personal electromagnetic structure serves you as a tool to intake and process multidimensional (intuitive) information.

You will have a chance to participate in a group energy session aimed at calibrating and stengthening your personal electromagnetic transformer and accordingly enhancing your Intuitive abilities.

Transforming the Energy of Money

Come to learn how you can transform your relationships with the Energy of Money! Here's what we will cover:
  • Negative believes and emotions surrounding the energy of money and how they affect your life;
  • Shifting your vibrational state and creating “healthy” relationship with money;
  • The connection between energetic qualities of your Soul and your financial abundance;
  • Most common blocks affecting relationship with money;
  • Taking steps to transform the energy of money.
Also you will have a unique chance to participate in a group energy session aimed and Transforming the Energy of Money within. You will work on releasing old beliefs and emotions that no longer support you in the NOW and at the same time on activating and strengthening the ones that will empower you. You will be able to choose and express what is meaningful for you to live a flourishing and prosperous life!